General applications

The application of the water treatment technology is subject to the used source and the purpose of the product water. Therefore, each case is unique and to this extent, a tailored solution is required. Cotawats Foundation is very flexible and is able to translate your challenges into a solution!

Brine treatment 

The Cotawats Foundation focuses specifically on brine treatment (highly salt loaded residual streams: for example, reverse osmosis concentrate). When brine treatment is considered, water and resource recovery are key. Progressive strategies, such as Zero Liquid Discharge, can be applied in this field of application.

Water treatment technologies

Cotawats Foundation focuses on various water treatment technologies. All these technologies are applicable for various purposes, are globally proven to be successful and are considered to be sustainable. 

The water treatment technologies in the area of expertise are:

  • Conventional water treatment: coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation
  • Membrane filtration: micro-, ultra- & nanofiltration and reverse osmosis 
  • Adsorption and ion exchange: activated carbon, zeolite and synthetic resins
  • Electrochemical water treatment: electrodialysis
  • Thermal water treatment: (membrane) distillation