Way of working

Every water treatment project conducted by the Cotawats Foundation is tailormade. In order to match the customer's way-of-working, a flexible approach is required. Therefore the Cotawats Foundation works according to certain guidelines, but as a co-development team we take the customer's specific needs into account. 

Cases and project conducted by the Cotawats Foundation contain the following guarantees:

  • Based on scientific knowledge: Latest scientific insights taken into account!
  • Tailored to specific situation, wishes and demands: The Cotawats Foundation is known for its experience in a lot of different industries and thoroughly understands the challenges that specific situations bring!
  • A clear value-adding solution: Both for you as a company and, even more important, the concerning environment!


The Cotawats Foundation has the following capacities, directly related to water treatment:

  • Design of water treatment technologies: (selective) dissolved salt-liquid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation
  • Simulation of chemical equilibria in water for and in various water treatment technologies
  • Strategies for resource recovery (water, energy, salts and nutrients)