About Us

Managing your water challenge is our ambition

In view of the future global growing demand for sufficient and safe usable water, and taking the increased burden on the environment into account, there is a clear need for water treatment of currently available sources. As the world's population is not only present in places where sufficient clean water and sanitation are present, the demand for water treatment and related techniques will increase. So where sustainable alternatives are possible, the industry cannot permit themselves to discharge untreated wastewater into the local environment. However, the Cotawats Foundation is aware of the fact that it takes profound knowledge and expertise to treat industrial wastewater and therefore understands the industry's related challenges.

The goal of the Cotawats Foundation is to increase and improve knowledge in the field of water treatment with in particular Indonesian companies having a need for water treatment in their operations. By achieving this goal, the volume of treated water will increase which is extremely important in the process of overcoming related challenges for the local society. 

In principle, the Cotawats Foundation is able to provide strategic and process advice in two ways; directly or in cooperation with our local Indonesian production partner Niagara. Every solution we provide through both approaches is customized.    

With the foundation's set-up, European expert knowledge is applied from a synergistic partnership: 

  • The first choice for consultancy on tailored water treatment systems    

  • The co-development experts with a strong production partner in Indonesia

The foundation's way-of-working is further described under section 'Approach'.


N. van Linden MSc

An enthusiastic and curious water professional, with wide and deep know-how on water treatment processes. Always interested to solve challenges in water supply and waste water management and trying to learn from each new project. Prefers international and multidisplinary challenges, working in teams and providing satisfying solutions. 
Educational background in Civil Engineering (BSc) and Watermanagement (MSc). 
Currently, Niels is doing a PhD research on the recovery of energy from residual water streams. 

Please feel free to contact us directly via info@cotawatsfoundation.